How to make your own gin

Ever wondered how to make your own gin? Making gin is more of an art than a science, and as such is highly subjective. Removing restrictions and freeing you from the mundane, inornate and quite simply boring is the core of what we do at Inspirited. We want to provide maximum freedom in your selection but recognise that the range of gin botanicals available can be overwhelming and many may be unfamiliar to those who aren’t hardcore gin enthusiasts. That is where this tool comes in. Here we hope to hold your hand and guide you through your journey of gin mastery, choosing your botanicals for gin with ease.


Typically we suggest anywhere between 6 and 10 gin botanicals. Whilst you can go up to a maximum of 12 we recommend that to really taste the individual elements of your gin you don’t want to dilute the flavours too much. Similarly, too few botanicals in your gin and you won’t necessarily get a smooth, rounded finish. The other tips provided should have you well on your way to selecting 6 botanicals but don’t worry if you have less, this is just a recommendation.

Junipers right hand man, coriander

Not to be confused with the flavour of coriander leaves these seeds have a flavour of their own. Most gins contain coriander seeds to tone down juniper’s powerful punch whilst maintaining a delicious subtle citrus flavour. It would be our recommendation that you do include coriander seeds. Even when looking to make a sweet, fruity gin they are a key ingredient.


The unsung heroes of gin. Ever heard of Orris root? Grains of Paradise? Angelica Root? Cubeb pepper? Whether you have or you haven’t, these gin botanicals often get overlooked when considering the making of gin. They are essential in binding the flavours. We would highly recommend at least one of these fixatives in any creation as whilst they are mild in flavour and often undetected, their role in maintaining the juniper and citrus flavours and withstanding the overpowering floral notes is key.

The rest

This is where you come into your creative own, try unique botanical combinations in your gin or re-imagine the classics and discover how to make your own Inspirited gin.

Whilst we want you to have fun and find your own path, we can’t guarantee your gin creation will be the most popular gin ever made. What we can guarantee is that your custom gin will be made exactly to your specification at the hands of our master distiller at Inspirited.

If you are still feeling a little overwhelmed or would rather have a bottle of our own expertly crafted gins head on over to Our Family to see our fantastic gin range.