How to make your own gin

Curious about what makes a gin taste so delightful? It’s really more of an art than a science, and what one person like – another person won’t. Which is why we let customers create their own. We’ve got 35 botanicals to choose from, so read through our tips below before you start creating. We’re not holding your hand – just sharing a bit of experience so the end product is extra tasty.

How many botanicals should flavour each gin?

Typically we’d suggest you choose anywhere between 6 and 10 botanicals. You can pick up to 12 if you like, but you don’t want to dilute the flavours too much. You want to be able to taste each element you’ve chosen to flavour the spirit. Similarly, if you don’t choose enough, you won’t necessarily get a smooth finish to the in. The tips below will help you choose the right ones to create balance and complexity in your gin.

Juniper’s right hand man, Coriander

Not to be confused with the flavour of coriander leaves, these seeds taste completely different. Think citrus rather than soap! Most gins contain a bit of coriander seed to tone down juniper’s punch. We’d recommend including coriander seeds. All you’ll find is balance. You’ll still be able to achieve a fruity / sweet / floral / spicy gin – whichever is your preference.


More commonly known as the botanicals you’re less likely to have heard of. Orris Root, Grains of Paradise, Angelica Root – these are the unsung heroes of gin! And they’re essential for binding the more obvious flavours. We’d say choose one of these for your creation, as they’re usually quite mild, can go undetected, but again tend to balance out the stronger flavours of your stronger botanicals.

And the rest

Now it’s time to go for it. Try something completely new using your favourite botanicals flavours or reimagine the classics with a twist that’s your own.
Bottled out of it (see what we did there)? Try one of our gins - Original or Pink - and taste for yourself how to create something new.