At Inspirited we offer a comprehensive contract distilling package. From recipe creation and flavour development, label design and bottle selection, through to distilling, bottling and distribution. Starting your own distillery can be a daunting process which poses many challenges. The bureaucratic red tape is nigh on impossible to navigate and the capital investment in starting a distillery is prohibitive, however, that is where we come in. Ultimately, why bother yourself with the ‘boring’ stuff (we can handle this) and just focus on what really matters; making gin.  

Flavour Development

 Contract Distilling
At Inspirited we have had numerous flavour and distilling process requests. Most notably, we have been asked to distil a gin through a real meteor and create a flavour which matches the diet of a koala! There is no limit to what you can include as part of the process, or as part of the flavour profile, you name it and we can distil it. Often, we are approached by clients who simply have an idea of a flavour they wish to achieve based on their favourite existing gins, ingredients, or flavours. Also, working with clients who have a real understanding of the flavour profile they wish to achieve and the ingredients they want included. This ultimately leads to a more ‘Cuckoo’ style relationship. There is however absolutely no requirement to have any prior knowledge of processes or flavour development. We are here to assist you through this new and exciting journey. There are a plethora of decisions which need to be made throughout the distilling process; from simple decisions such as ABV and ingredients, through to slightly more complicated decisions; such as maceration time and distilling methodology. However, do not fret, we will utilise our vast distilling experience, to guide you through these decisions and ensure your gin exceeds expectations.

Bottle Selection and Labelling

Three Labels
When it comes to selecting your glass bottle design, you may be surprised at the sheer abundance of different options available. Upon deciding which option suits your needs best, there are a number of factors to consider. It is essential your bottles are aesthetically pleasing, however other aspects such as weight (for shipping purposes), and the feasibility of label application is important also.
You can even decide just how see-through you want the glass to be, based on the refractive index of the glass, which gives it classifications such as ‘Flint’ or ‘Extra Flint’. Then there is the cork; natural or synthetic for the stem and colour or style for the top. When it comes to the label selection the possibilities are essentially endless. We can work with you, using our expertise, to ensure you get a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solution. We can offer any shape, substrate, feel, embossing, foiling etc you would like. Aside from a few legal requirements the label design is completely up to you. We have an in-house designer which we can use to create your label, or we can simply provide the template and allow you to design the label yourself. 


Packaging and Distribution

Thanks to our authorised warehouse status, we can store your gin for a small fee on-site in duty suspense. We can then distribute, as a fulfilment centre for your orders, directly to customers. Whether this be on a weekly basis or simply distribute bulk volumes as and when they are needed. Through this method, you can benefit from our ability to hold your gin in duty suspense (£9.05 for a 70cl bottle of gin at 37.5%). Payment of duty and fulfilment can be suspended until the gin is physically removed from our premises. This is a fantastic way of keeping on top of your cashflow. We offer a great deal of flexibility and can work with you to ensure the perfect arrangement can be agreed.

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