You Get What You Give - Brits 2021 Edition

You Get What You Give - Brits 2021 Edition

Sit back, relax, and pour yourself a Brits 2021 inspired Gin. Do things the Inspirited way, grab our Summer Berries and Hibiscus Pink Gin, add Fever Tree Raspberry and Rose Soda and let the garnishes do the talking. Now you’re ready for the biggest event in the British Music Industries calendar.

Launched in 1977, the BRIT Awards are the annual showcase for the UK music industry. The Brits celebrates not only the massive successes of the music industry, but also gives recognition to upcoming talent – offering a platform for all. The build up to the Brits brings around a buzz and excitement between the artists and the public themselves. When the nominations are announced in the weeks leading up to the event, artists are interviewed, and everyone goes wild trying to guess who will win what. 

The planning for the ceremony itself is also meticulous and lengthy, with an array of specialists working behind the scenes in the lead up to the awards.  It is indeed the biggest event in the British Music Industry’s calendar.

In a year where we have not been certain about a lot, one thing we are certain of is that people have been turning to music like never before. Music has allowed a sense of escapism, it has allowed people to reflect and be comforted, and not just consumed by what is going on around them.

Artists themselves have adapted and become aware of various ways they can connect with their fans; offering a sense of unity and bounding everyone together, through the wonderful world of music.
From livestreaming home concerts to crooner sessions, we were never left to feel unconnected from our favourite artists. Over the last year they have given us something positive to focus on, offered a sense of hope, and potential light at the end of a dark tunnel. For that we must celebrate them.

One of the major talking points of this year’s Brits is the trophy (or trophies should we say?). Typically, recipients receive one trophy – this year things are looking a little different. 2021 brings the first ever joint trophy design for the Brits. The two amazing designers who collaborated on this design are Es Devlin, and Yinka Ilori.
Es, a London based artist, and stage designer and Yinka - artist who uses a signature colour palette, inspired by his Nigerian heritage. Two artists from completely different disciplines, sharing one common denominator – the idea of giving something back.

The inspiration behind having two trophies came from lockdown itself. Where we were isolated and sometimes alone, lockdown offered a chance for random acts of kindness. Speaking to neighbours you may never have before, reaching out to an old friend, every little thing making a big difference. The artists wanted to celebrate this concept – they wanted to allow the recipients of the awards the chance to give back. This is where the concept of the two trophies came in – one for the recipient and a second for passing on.

Kindness. The Brits Awards 2021 is celebrating kindness and the act of giving something back. The giving of the award certainly doesn’t end with the recipient, they are invited to pass on the second trophy to someone they feel deserves recognition (it doesn’t have to be someone in the music industry). Its all about saying thank you and offering up gratitude to those that recipients feel truly deserve to be recognised. Whether the recipient of the second trophy is part of the artists journey, or whether they are completely unrelated to the music industry, it’s all about saying a big thank you. There is not much more we can ask for as humans than kindness from others. Tough situations bring people together, and it is vital to recognise what’s important. Incapsulating acts of kindness and recognising what this past year has taught us – a little kindness (even to a stranger) can go a long way.

The larger of the trophies signifies bursts of colour and hope, a motivation to create new memories. The smaller trophy is engraved with a maze pattern, that celebrates the paths those within the creative industries have had to face, to allow them to progress through this challenging year. Both are extremely significant and monumental, marking a place in the Brits history books (we certainly won’t begrudge the trophies for being the only exception to having a plus one at the Awards this year).

Ok, enough reading, switch on your TV and pour yourself another gin, its Brits Time. 

 All you need to make your Brits 2021 Trophy Inspired Gin is:

  • Summer Berries and Hibiscus Pink Gin
  • Fever Tree Raspberry and Rose Soda
  • Garnish with blueberries, cucumber and grapefruit (use a cocktail stick to re-create our design)
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