Our Top 5 Perfect Pairings for every Picnic Party

Our Top 5 Perfect Pairings for every Picnic Party

Let’s talk pairing our delicious gins with sumptuous snacks for your perfect picnic party! As much as we know that gin is the star of the show at any picnic party, deciding what food we pair with our drink is important too. It’s all about finding a balance of flavours and what works best to compliment your gin. We may be biased (we’re not actually, this is just facts) but we believe gin is indeed the perfect pairing to lots of tasty appetisers and snacks; therefore, fear not, we are about to provide you with all of the inspo you need!

Here is our list of top picks to make your picnic party dreams come true:

Charcuterie Board

These popular and VERY instagrammable boards of deliciousness are perfect for picnics. Ultimately, when preparing your charcuterie board, you want the flavours of the snacks to compliment the gin you’re drinking. Let’s take our Original Gin, with its notes of citrus, we’d recommend pairing with meats that are infused with fennel and thyme. Meats such as duck prosciutto, fennel salami and porchetta, will work in harmony with your gin pairing. These perfectly seasoned meats (hints of fennel, thyme and citrus) will allow your tastebuds to be tantalised, rather than them overpower the delicate notes of your gin. Any Charcuterie Board isn’t complete until you’ve added cheeses (another perfect pairing to our wonderful gin) and when paired correctly, equals pure perfection! Take a classic G&T, our go-to generally pairs excellently with soft creamy cheeses such as, camembert or brie. The Gin emphasises the floral notes within the cheeses, with the bitterness of the tonic, cleansing the palate. If you’re feeling more adventurous, we recommend pairing our Navy Strength Gin with rich, fatty and salty cheeses such as pecorino or manchego. The boldness of our Navy needs a strong cheese to stand up against this complex spirit but trust us the pairings we recommend make for a perfect match!   

Salmon and Cucumber Sandwiches

Next up is the holy grail of any picnic, sandwiches! Hands up for the salmon lovers around here – you’ll be happy to know that salmon is one of our recommendations for a perfect picnic pairing! Smoked salmon is an unbeatable candidate for pairing with our gin, as the fat in salmon provides a rich yet balancing taste when consumed with gin, making for a delicious combination. For that little hint of refreshment, add cucumber to your sandwiches. By adding cucumber, you’re balancing out the richness of the salmon and bringing a fresh flavour to harmonise with your smooth tasting Gin. Cucumber compliments the aromas of Gin, cleansing the palate to allow you to savour the delicate notes within your drink. These little delights are always a MUST HAVE for any perfect picnic, try these with our Original Gin!


There is a reason why nuts are ever-present in every bar, it’s because they are the ultimate pairing to a plethora of alcoholic beverages! Not to mention their ‘grab and go’ like quality that makes them a quick and easy appetiser for any picnic. Any one of our Family of Gins works well with these little salty snacks.  Simple yet delightful and so satisfyingly perfect, a definite picnic essential!

Now for the sweet stuff:


Gin and chocolate – can you think of a better combo? Satisfy that sweet tooth and indulge in any chocolate you desire. From milk, to dark, to white – all individually work in harmony with your gin of choice. The flavour profiles within chocolate, compliment the juniper notes within our gin – making for a delightful snack at any picnic! You can even try strawberries dipped in chocolate – I’m sure you can only imagine how sensational these flavours are (trust us these are a MUST for your picnic).


For a slightly healthier alternative – a must have is berries. Here is where we know our Summer Berries and Hibiscus Pink Gin will go down a treat. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries – the quintessential accompaniment to your picnic (you really can’t go wrong here). The sweetness and sharpness of the berries will balance out the taste of you gin (and tonic), making for the perfect nibble. Also, who doesn’t love the fact you can just add them to your cocktail – we don’t have to always think of berries as the healthier option.

Some fun ideas you might want to try when preparing your perfect picnic:

  • Gin Ice Lollies – Fill ice cube trays with grenadine and diced strawberries, once frozen, pop them in your cool bag and bring along to your picnic! Add these to your gin and let them melt.
  • Pitchers with Gin Cocktails – Did someone say summer? Pre-make pitcher jugs with your favourite gin cocktails (perfect for sharing at your picnic). Add in some fruit and ice and you’re ready to pour, pour, pour...
  • Teapot Cocktails – For a little bit of fun, add your favourite cocktail to a teapot. Bring along some mugs and there you have it – a twist on a traditional tea (we won’t tell its gin if you don’t).
By Abbie Thomson

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