Our Family of Three: lets talk more about our Gins

Our Family of Three: lets talk more about our Gins

Inspirited Original, Summer Berries and Hibiscus Pink Gin and Navy Strength Spiced Gin. Our strong Family of Three. Each special, in their own right. We love them all individually, but this isn't just any ordinary three. Our trio is Award-Winning, so naturally we want to tell all on how to best enjoy our wonderful gins. Concentration face on, now let’s get in to telling you how to get the most out of your Inspirited Gin Experience.   


Let’s talk facts; our Original Gin is what is known as a London Dry Gin. London Dry Gin has been making waves in the industry for over a century. Loved by bartenders, distillers, and just good old gin drinkers, this delicately smooth and balanced gin, is the go-to classic style (whether you enjoy straight-sipping or cocktails) and suitable for every occasion. With London Dry Gins, you are guaranteed a delicious, versatile, quality tasting gin. So of course, we had to produce our very own. This is where our Original was born.

We didn’t want to stick to every rule, so therefore we created a traditional London Dry but with a modern twist. What is the modern twist you may ask? Well, our gin is smooth and unique in its flavourings. To taste, our Original is traditional firstly, smooth sipping on the palate and offers a gentle kick of spice on the finish, with lingering citrus notes.

Now to the pairings: Mixed with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic and served over ice, our Original is perfect garnished with a slice of lemon or orange. You can be more adventurous and add other garnishes such as grapefruit or lime. You should be able to taste the spicy and citrus notes, when your gin is mixed, the ultimate explosion of taste on the palate.

Our Cocktail of choice: Our Original Gin works perfectly with anything fruity, or berry based. Try it with cloudy lemonade for a fizzy kick or with tonic, a dash of angostura bitters and some chili (this is a definite favourite of ours).  

Summer Berries and Hibiscus Pink

Our best selling and an all-rounder, who said anything about seasonality? For the pink lovers, our Summer Berries and Hibiscus Pink Gin is the ideal choice. Easy to drink all year round and our ‘go-to’ for every occasion, our Summer Berries and Hibiscus Pink Gin offers a niche in an otherwise very overcrowded market.

Pink gin is certainly a hit in many households and bars today, but why is it so popular you may ask. People seem to love all things PINK. It really doesn’t have too much to do with the history of the gin itself, but more to do with the visuals and how the pink hues are appealing to the eye (and those with sweeter palates). Our take on Pink Gin however, offers more complexity in flavour. Not too sweet but sweet enough to be recognised as a Pink Gin, delicate hints of fruity, floral and citrus notes, make it a well-rounded, easy drinking choice for those partial to a pink.

Now to the pairings: Try our Summer Berries and Hibiscus Pink Gin with Fever Tree Raspberry and Rose Soda, the lightness of the soda elevates our gin, without taking away the complexities of the botanicals within. Alternatively, we would serve with tonic or lemonade – It really is personal preference here. Garnish with some raspberries (or strawberries) and serve in a large gin glass, pure pink PERFECTION.

Our Cocktail of choice: Our Pink really does work well in a LOT of different cocktails (we’re not just saying this). Its freshness and easy sipping quality, makes it the perfect addition to most ‘berry forward’ cocktails. Try our favourite, a Pink Gin Spritz; add a shot of prosecco and a dash of pink lemonade, to our Summer Berries and Hibiscus Pink Gin. We can make every occasion a celebration, right?

Navy Strength Spiced

One for the bold, the brave and the bartender in you. Our Navy Strength Spiced Gin is our Award-Winning Pride and Joy. Perfect for those who enjoy challenging their palate and embracing bold flavours. With spicy yet smooth combination of flavours, each are integral in ensuring our Navy Strength Spiced, packs a powerful punch. For us, it was important not to just create a high ABV (the strength of alcohol), version of our Original Gin. Instead, we wanted to ensure each botanical was elevated and evident in our Gin, making for a unique and flavoursome tipple.

Now to the pairings: Well, we may be biased but we definitely think our Navy stands great alone – smooth sipping with a subtle sweetness and kick, try it on the rocks. Or, served over ice, add some Fevertree Indian Tonic and a slice of orange – this will exceed your expectations (trust us). 

Our Cocktail of choice: Now we’re really talking. Our Navy excels in a Negroni. Grab your Vermouth and Campari, add to your Gin with an orange peel to garnish. The subtle hints of citrus, with noticeably spicy notes, makes this the perfect choice of cocktail to enjoy our Navy with.  

Ultimately, our Family of Gins offer a choice for everyone. Whether you like a traditional gin, you’re a pink enthusiast or prefer a higher ABV Gin, we have you covered. We’re always open for suggestions over here at inspirited, so if you get creative and try some new cocktails or pairings with our gins, let us know!

By Abbie Thomson

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