Be Inspired Be Inspirited: A Social Perspective

Be Inspired Be Inspirited: A Social Perspective

Say hello to our blog: Be Inspired Be Inspirited: A Social Perspective.

First things first is introductions; I’m Abbie and I started my role as Social Media Assistant here at Inspirited just three weeks ago. My background is in fashion and marketing, so stepping into the world of GIN has been a little daunting at times. There are major parallels between both the Fashion and Alcohol industry, it’s all about self-expression. Who you want to be and how brands and their products help you to achieve this. I really feel there is similarities in both industries, with the underlying note being, both industries allow your personality and self-expressive language to come out. I applied for my job at Inspirited, as I feel passionately about the growth and impact the Gin Industry (alcohol industry in general), has on our ever-changing society. It is revolutionary, an expanding market, exciting and creative. For a population who likes to change their mind quite a lot (we jump on trends rather than commit to things), gin seems to be one of the only phenomenon’s that’s stuck around. The popularity of gin is evident; from the mass amount of gin goblets, you see present in every bar in Glasgow, to the abundance of bottles that line our supermarket shelves; the gin industry is inclusive and expanding. The excitement and evolution of the industry is what drove me to want to become involved (on a professional level, personal I’ve got that covered), in the amazing world of GIN.

Social media and gin go hand in hand (just like a good G&T). The Gin Community is reliant on social media platforms to optimise their exposure and introduce people to the invigorating world of gin. As consumers we want creative, exciting, captivating content – that tells us how to make the best drink or how adding gin to your favourite cocktail will elevate and tantalise your tastebuds. This is not much different for brands and businesses. Although we are an Award-Winning Brand, Inspirited is still new(ish) to the world of Gin and Distilling. We love to be inspired and learn more about our industry, from fellow distillers and brands, ultimately so we can provide our customers with the best tasting gin and give customers the platform to make the best tasting gin (we’ll come to that later). This is where socials come in; we want Inspirited to be an inclusive brand, accessible, relatable and of course we want to be able to offer a unique experience, where delicious tasting gins are inevitable. Our aim is to use our platforms to offer our consumers a unique and exciting experience, to be able to do things the Inspirited way.  

Back to me again, when I applied for my role at Inspirited, after exploring what they had to offer, I was fascinated to learn that they not only had an award-winning family of gins, they offered a bespoke Create Your Own gin experience. Who doesn’t love the idea of being able to become a distiller (or a gin genius as I like to call it), creating your own uniquely flavoured gin, personalised to you or whoever the lucky recipient of the gin may be.

Inspirited are unique, we offer a niche in a crowded market and I may be biased but I think we are shaking up the somewhat ordinary gin world, one bottle at a time. 

My favourite drink: Pink Gin Lemonade (sorry to all the tonic fans out there, I just prefer lemonade).

Tasty Tip: Fill ice-cube trays with prosecco or grenadine, add a diced strawberry or raspberry. Once frozen, add these to your drinks!
By Abbie Thomson

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