Navy Strength Spiced


      Spicy and Bold yet Smooth and Balanced

      Punchy, spicy and bold yet smooth and balanced our Navy Strength Spiced gin is sure to float your boat


      Unlike other navy strength gins we decided not to simply release a high ABV version of our fantastic Original. We wanted to ensure that no delicate flavours we lost in the higher percentage and as such we created a gin tailor-made for 57.1% ABV. This bottle is packed this bottle full of botanicals and spices each of which plays a key role in maintaining a smooth sipping gin with plenty of flavour.


      Perfect Serve: Fever-Tree Indian Tonic, slice of orange or grapefruit, lots of ice. Perfect for cocktails like a classic Negroni or our personal favourite a South Side.


      Select the gift boxed version to receive our lovely gift box is our aromatic envelope containing the botanicals used to create this gin. Lightly crush the envelope with the base of the bottle to release the fantastic aromas. have a sip of your gin and try match the fragrances to the tastes. 


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       The Spirit Business         

      Angelica Root
      Cardamom Pods
      Cassia Bark
      Coriander Seeds
      Galangal Root
      Grains of Paradise
      Juniper Berries
      Kaffir Lime Leaves
      Kentish Cobnuts
      Orris Root
      Pink Peppercorns