A traditional flavour with a modern twist

      Our Inspirited Original is a traditional London Dry but with a modern flavour. It’s smoother. It’s pleasing.

      We’re so confident in its taste, we say try it neat over ice first to truly appreciate the flavour.

      For the purists serve over ice with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic and a slice of lemon. For the more adventurous, our perfect serve is with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic, a few slices of chilli and a dash of Angostura Bitters.

       Select the gift boxed version to receive our lovely gift box is our aromatic envelope containing the botanicals used to create this gin. Lightly crush the envelope with the base of the bottle to release the fantastic aromas. have a sip of your gin and try match the fragrances to the tastes. 


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      Scottish Gin Awards Highly Commended


      Cardamom Pods
      Coriander Seeds
      Galangal Root
      Juniper Berries
      Lemon Peel
      Orris Root