Bergamot Orange and Golden Kiwi


      Punchy sweet Orange and light citrus

      Bursting with Orange and packed with citrus this summertime classic will be sure to brighten your day


      We use a combination of three different oranges, sweet orange, Seville orange and bergamot orange to ensure a bold and complex flavour. Coupled with the sweetness of golden kiwi, coconut and lemon peel our Bergamot orange and golden kiwi gin is a perfect addition to a refreshing drink. 


      Perfect Serve: Fever-Tree Mediterranean Light Tonic, a slice of fresh orange, lots of ice. Perfect for warm days or in a summer cocktail such as a St Clement’s Martini


      Select the gift boxed version to receive our lovely gift box is our aromatic envelope containing the botanicals used to create this gin. Lightly crush the envelope with the base of the bottle to release the fantastic aromas. have a sip of your gin and try to match the fragrances to the tastes. 


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      Bergamot Orange
      Bitter Orange Peel
      Cardamom Pods
      Coriander Seeds
      golden kiwi
      Juniper Berries
      Lemon Peel
      Orange Peel
      Orris Root