Hand Sanitizer


We are delighted to be able to offer 70cl bottles of hand sanitizer to our community. Initially, this will only be for residents within the ML10 postcode area. Unfortunately for now, orders placed outwith this postcode will be refunded. This hand sanitizer has been made following the World Health Organisations recommended formulation, specifically “formulation 1”. The details of which can be seen here:-




We offer these bottles, which are ideal for refilling smaller handpump bottles, at a cost of £4.62.


This is equivalent to £1.32 for a standard 200ml hand pump bottle.


The £4.62 includes the cost for bottles, spirit, chemicals to denature the spirit and produce the sanitizer as well as labels and security seals. We are not charging for our time or for the running costs of our facility.


All proceeds will go towards the procurement of further supplies until such time as hand sanitise is readily available. At this point, if there are any excess funds they will be distributed to local charitable organisations.

Please complete the delivery details on the following page and leave a contact telephone number as well as details of where the bottle can be left safely. We will endeavour to deliver as quickly as we possibly can, however, we have been inundated with requests so please be patient.


When our driver arrives to deliver, he/she will call you to advise that the product is being delivered and will leave it on your doorstep. Please remain indoors during the delivery.


If you are not able to answer the telephone when we contact you the driver will leave the bottle at the agreed place, ring the doorbell or knock on the door then leave.


If you have any other specific instructions please detail these in the notes section.