The perfect solution for gifting

Inspirited Gin is your custom gin experience, and that customisation extends further to meet your corporate gifting, event promotion and gifting requirements, where a touch of personalisation will impress.

Whether a range of personalised gins as a corporate gift of thanks or a wedding favour for your big day, Inspirited’s range of pre-made and personalised gins are custom made to enhance any bulk-order gift or event.

Our levels of bottle personalisation are based on order quantities and can add significant levels of creativity in customisation. For smaller quantities, we can uniquely personalise our standard label with your text. With larger quantities, we can integrate full label design. We have a dedicated wedding favour range which includes a variety of bottle sizes from miniatures to half bottles, all of which can be customised and personalised.

Contract Distilling

We offer a comprehensive package for contract distilling of our custom gin range, tailored to meet your needs. Working with our master distiller, we can help bottle your requirements and vision together in your bespoke gin range. Inspirited’s unique still design provides exceptional flexibility to ensure our distillate meets your vision; with no restriction on botanical or ingredient selection, we can create your gin range, your way for bulk orders. We ensure quality and consistency in every run to match your vision.

Be assured that your gin is safe in our hands.


Inspirited Gin isn’t just for celebrating an occasion, it’s for making an occasion. Why not stock your bar or restaurant with uniquely designed gin in both flavour and aesthetics? Working together with our Master Distiller, we can help you create a distillate that matches your vision and tastes. Based on order quantities we can create a bottle level that reflects your branding to elevate your Inspirited Gin and unique flavour range to the next level. The range of customisation spans from text and simple logo application to full label design. Our family of gins are available to purchase wholesale and come ready to be stocked on your shelves.

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